Week 17HJ- The Hero’s Journey

After attending the 17th week Hero's Journey i can see this notion everywhere I go: at work, in my friend's life, at home. Everything is about the path we are walking through. Understanding that  anytime in your life you are called to action and new adventures and tribulations will follow make you see the world… Lire la suite Week 17HJ- The Hero’s Journey


Week 16- Kindness

This week we must be careful of all acts of kindeness around us. To be honnest, I do the strict minimum of my assignments as my everyday duties keep me from doing the main things: readings, sitting, index cards...It seems that my old blueprint strikes back after I kicked it strong. But, one thing that… Lire la suite Week 16- Kindness

Week 15- Woot woot!

Happy New year to all my fellow MKEmers (yeah just invented the word), I hope things are doing great for you and your DMP begin to come to life. End of 2017 was really exhausting for me as I was achieving my professional goals: I must say that I killed it! 2 rank achievement+  a… Lire la suite Week 15- Woot woot!

Week 14- Filled with love and gratitude

Although I am not doing my MKMMA stuff on a daily basis, I'm surprised that I developed a really good habit in my life: Giving. Kidding, it's easy for me in the sense that it's a natural behavior for me 😉 hmmm I would say that my awareness of the benefits it brings everyday is… Lire la suite Week 14- Filled with love and gratitude

Week 13- Must not stop

I'm late! I'm late! Like the White Rabbit would say Yes I know, I am 1 week late. I feel like to be disconnected from the MKMMA but for a good reason (from my point of view ah ah). Indeed, I'm reaching 2 main goals I assigned myself for the end of the year linked… Lire la suite Week 13- Must not stop

Week 12: Do it NOW!

Do it now! Do it now! Do it now! Who could imagine how powerful are these 3 little words? Nobody. no! Only those who knows the power behind the words and repetition. My parents taught me its significance long time ago but I didn't realise it until yesterday night. For one week I am filled… Lire la suite Week 12: Do it NOW!

Week 11- Christmas Magic

G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E Lionel Hampton said "Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind" I could not agree more with that, this is what I feel in my heart today. I begin to see the compound effect in all this: a tiny change in your habits that you repeat everyday. You… Lire la suite Week 11- Christmas Magic