Week 16- Kindness

This week we must be careful of all acts of kindeness around us. To be honnest, I do the strict minimum of my assignments as my everyday duties keep me from doing the main things: readings, sitting, index cards...It seems that my old blueprint strikes back after I kicked it strong. But, one thing that… Lire la suite Week 16- Kindness


Week 15- Woot woot!

Happy New year to all my fellow MKEmers (yeah just invented the word), I hope things are doing great for you and your DMP begin to come to life. End of 2017 was really exhausting for me as I was achieving my professional goals: I must say that I killed it! 2 rank achievement+  a… Lire la suite Week 15- Woot woot!

Week 14- Filled with love and gratitude

Although I am not doing my MKMMA stuff on a daily basis, I'm surprised that I developed a really good habit in my life: Giving. Kidding, it's easy for me in the sense that it's a natural behavior for me 😉 hmmm I would say that my awareness of the benefits it brings everyday is… Lire la suite Week 14- Filled with love and gratitude

Week 13- Must not stop

I'm late! I'm late! Like the White Rabbit would say Yes I know, I am 1 week late. I feel like to be disconnected from the MKMMA but for a good reason (from my point of view ah ah). Indeed, I'm reaching 2 main goals I assigned myself for the end of the year linked… Lire la suite Week 13- Must not stop

Week 12: Do it NOW!

Do it now! Do it now! Do it now! Who could imagine how powerful are these 3 little words? Nobody. no! Only those who knows the power behind the words and repetition. My parents taught me its significance long time ago but I didn't realise it until yesterday night. For one week I am filled… Lire la suite Week 12: Do it NOW!

Week 11- Christmas Magic

G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E Lionel Hampton said "Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind" I could not agree more with that, this is what I feel in my heart today. I begin to see the compound effect in all this: a tiny change in your habits that you repeat everyday. You… Lire la suite Week 11- Christmas Magic

Week 10- Procrastination? Don’t know this word

Ah ahhhh! I must confess that  I didn't trust Mark when he said that the 10th week and the beginning of december would be a turning point. I was like: "come on mate, nothing's happening right now in my life, i still struggle with the emotionnal rollercoaster!" So i kept going in zombie mode, doing… Lire la suite Week 10- Procrastination? Don’t know this word